48+ straight hours of BYOC gaming

With 15+ years of experience and nearly one hundred events, NEXTECH KC will host a 400+ person LAN (local area network) where every person is able to play whatever game they wish casually and play in our BYOC tournaments for potential cash and prizes.
The heart of the event is our infamous BYOC (bring your own computer or console) LAN. We have tickets available that will allow you to play for 48 straight hours (although we recommend plenty of breaks).

The 3-day pass begins at 4pm on Friday, Nov 8th
The 3-day VIP pass begins at 3p on Friday, Nov 8th
To purchase tickets for the BYOC portion of this event, go HERE
Security tags will be provided for your badge/equipment, these tags must be shown to security and match to take equipment out of the designated BYOC AREA at any time.

Tournaments begin Friday, Nov 8th, at 5pm and will focus on different games, starting on different days/times - check out the BYOC Tournaments page for more information.

**If you want to remove your computer/console at night, it must be removed from the play area before midnight on Friday and Saturday - no expcetions.  For the safety of you, your equipment, vehicle and integrity of the event, please keep the equipment inside the dedicated BYOC area, which will be secured by Hy-Vee security.**
Link to VIDEO for BYOC drop off and walkthrough